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Editorial Line

 Entertaining AND clever.... clever... AND entertaining, full of humour, emotion, eccentricity, rhythm and humanity
such are the Films Bonheur®, these rare and exhilarating Feel-Good Movies® which cheer you up and make you feel happy.

1 - The Films Bonheur Festival Association's purpose is to promote the production and distribution of a high-quality entertaining cinema celebrating enthusiasm, energy, exhilaration and emotion and combining comedy with fantasy, emotion with action, humanity with unexpectedness via its website : www.filmsbonheur.com
and its Facebook page :

2 - Ciné Bonheur film production company intends to participate directly in the development of this kind of cinema by investing in national and international productions in harmony with its editorial line.

The movies Ciné Bonheur plans to produce will therefore need to be made up of four elementary components : emotion, humour, unexpectedness, rhythm, plus a fifth one, closely interwoven, the sense of humanity in the form of a happy ending.

More infos : La Charte des Films Bonheur


We are looking for

We are currently looking for
all forms of written work
(synopsis, scripts, books, short novels, articles...) which may give rise to feature films in harmony with our editorial line.


We are also looking for any form of partnership at the national or international level with other production companies wishing to associate with our project.

Ciné Bonheur is a Member of APC - Association des Producteurs de Cinéma